No Filter? No Problem! The Secret To Sweet Qismina's Radiant Complexion Is Nanowhite

 What is perceived as real beauty nowadays is often the result  of beauty filters, edits and touch-ups. We often turn to social media and technology to cover our flaws, blur pores and brighten our skin. Nanowhite wants to change that with the 'No Filter, Just Clear Glowing Skin; campaign, designed to empower Malaysian women to obtain real healthy skin with their Nanowhite Spot Correction Advanced Serum.

Heading the campaign is Nanowhite's brand ambassador, Sweet Qismina, whose healthy and glowing skin complexion radiates her confidence when facing cameras and her fans.

My secret to years and bright skin is the Nanowhite Sport Correction Advanced Serum", Sweet Qismina revealed at a recent meet and greet event with fans, where she performed her first hit single, 'Namo'. Thanks to serum, my skin looks and feels healthier with a natural glow and without filters. I feel more confident with my appearance, allowing me to show off the real me

Nanowhite Spot Correction Advanced Serum

The Nanowhite Spot Correction Advanced Serum is formulated with Niacinamide which effectively lightens dark spots and acne scars while improving skin texture and Arbutin, which brightens dull skin for a more radiant complexion.

With its lightweight texture, the Nanowhite Spot Correction Advanced Serum is fast-absorbing for daily application, allowing it to be a seamless addition to any skincare routine and drastically improving skin conditions by lighting dark spots and acne scars to give you clear, glowing skin in just four days.

Armed with nano encapsulation technology, the serum is 10 times more effective in skin penetration, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed more easily into the deeper layers of the skin. It also has 400 times more superiors brightening complex than vitamin C to achieve real beauty without filter. 


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