Coffee-lovers, foodies and travellers, can now enjoy a wide range of delicious food and a signature coffee blend at The Morning After, the latest introduction to SkyPark Terminal. The outlet that aims to ‘brings sexy back’ to coffee with its unique combination of steel and wood elements, was launched on the 2 nd of January 2017 and has become a popular choice for passengers thanks to its growing notoriety across the country. Inspired by the all-day brunch dining parlours of Melbourne, Australia, The Morning After continues to expand, and in its third year, has 7 outlets across Klang Valley and the Northern Region. A major contribution to this growth is the support that The Morning After receives from its parent company, Rhombus Group, a Malaysian food and beverage company that has
over 19 brands under its label.

“Our mission is to make The Morning After the go-to place for food and coffee, and we aim
to do so by ensuring that our full outlets, kiosks, and espresso bars are located within
community malls and standalone locations, that are close to major business and residential
establishments with high foot traffic,” said Dr. Darren Ng, Chief Executive Officer,
Restaurants and Cafes (Western) of Rhombus Group.
Now that the brand has established its presence in Malaysia, The Morning After looks to spread its wings. With its signature blend of Brazilian and Indian coffee beans, the gourmet espresso bar is in the midst of taking its house blend of coffee to the international caffeine scene via export, and setting up outlets in Taiwan, Myanmar, China, and Bangladesh.

“We are proud to welcome such an enterprising brand to our airport. The Morning After’s aspiration to expand beyond our country’s borders is an inspiring one, and we wish them the best. SkyPark Terminal is home to many local brands and we hope that we can provide themwith a platform to achieve more success and growth,” said Tan Sri Ravindran Menon, Executive Director of SkyPark Terminal Sdn Bhd.
Those eager to give their brand of coffee a try and explore their expansive menu that includes
pastas, gourmet burgers, rice dishes, and other mouthwatering dishes, can do so at SkyPark
Terminal, Ativo Plaza, T6 Light Grey Mall, M Roof, Penang International Airport, Damansara Utama (Coffee Bar), and MERCU Summit Suites.

Dr. Darren Ng added, “The drive behind The Morning After stems from us wanting to share
our love of coffee with others. We take great pride in providing our customers with a signature taste that makes The Morning After experience a unique one. The success that we have enjoyed is largely due to the team at the helm of our business who work tirelessly to deliver the best to our customers.

For more information on The Morning After, please visit their website at or check out their official Facebook page at


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